CTPAT Consulting
Learn to comply with The Customs & Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT/C-TPAT). >>

Drawback Consulting
Learn how to get reimbursed for import taxes and duties when manufacturing raw material imports for re-export. >>

TSA & Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP)
If you ship by air on passenger aircraft, you need to find out more about this program. >>

Other Services
See how we can help you get certifications and also perform audits of your current import operations to maximize efficiency and cost savings. >>





Common Import Questions:

  • How do I get my cargo to port?
  • What is the least expensive way to package my items?
  • Can I bulk-load containers?
  • Do I need to put country of origin markings on certain items?
  • How do I get label approvals for alcohol?
  • What is IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and how does it affect me?

World Wise Consulting can help you understand the significance of...

  1. Knowing your commodity
  2. Knowing your manufacturer
  3. Knowing your regulations

And we can help you answer all of your questions related to importing goods.


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