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A drawback is a refund of all or part of Customs duties, or domestic tax paid on imported merchandise which was subsequently either manufactured into a different article or re-exported. The purpose of drawback is to enable a domestic manufacturer to compete in foreign markets, without the handicap of including the costs of the duty paid on imported raw materials or merchandise used in the subsequent manufacture of the exported goods.

Types of Drawback:

Direct Identification Manufacturing
When articles are manufactured with imported items and are then exported, 99 % of the duties may be recovered.

Substitution Manufacturing
Both imported merchandise and any other merchandise of same kind and quality are used to manufacture articles that someone exported or destroyed before use, then 99% of the duties that were paid on imported merchandise may be recovered.

Rejected Merchandise

Unused Merchandise

Did you know?
You can get your duty refunded back three years. If the items have already been exported, we can still possibly get your refund. Contact us for more info.

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